(OLD VERSION) Out of leg

How to fix out of leg issue in Valpas system

In the new mobile application, you can find instructions by clicking on the task.

Find the leg with module out of leg

Inspect each leg of the bed to locate the module that is visibly out of the leg.

If none of the modules are visibly out of any of the legs, then you should remove and re-insert every module in the room.

Clean the module and then re-insert it into the leg

Always remember to transfer the contents of the module to the inspection jar when removing the module.

Use a cotton swab to clean the inside of the module.

Re-attach the module to the leg

Ensure that the module is firmly attached to its place when connecting it to the leg, and watch for three blinks of the red light as confirmation of successful attachment.

Check that the issue is not presented in the dashboard app

Due to the nature of the system, it may take between 1 to 60 minutes for the issue to be resolved and reflected in the dashboard app.

After completing the tasks mentioned above, the issue should be resolved, and the legs should be displayed in green color on the dashboard app. (Rooms view)

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