Routing Devices

Routing devices are only necessary if some or all of the rooms are not connected after installation.


To ensure optimal performance of your Valpas bed bug protection system, you may need to extend the network's signal strength, especially in larger hotels or properties with complex layouts. This guide will walk you through the process of adding routing devices to enhance your Valpas network.

Step 1: Place a Routing Device Close to the Gateway

  • Find the gateway (the main box that connects Valpas to the internet)

  • Put one routing device near the gateway to make the signal stronger

Step 2: Place Routing Devices Between the Gateway and the Closest Room

  • The number of devices needed depends on how far the gateway is from the closest room. Adding devices between the gateway and the rooms helps the signal spread well throughout the hotel

Step 3: Turn On the Routing Devices

  • Routing devices use batteries that are already inside

  • Remove the battery slip to turn on the routing device

  • The routing device will automatically connect to the Valpas network

Step 4: Check if the Routing Devices are Working

  • It can take up to 8 hours for the rooms to show as "online" in the Valpas app

  • If rooms that were "not connected / offline" become "online," the routing devices are working

Important Notes:

  • Routing devices are actually traps taken from smart legs

If you need help, please send a map of your hotel to the Valpas support team, showing where the gateway is. They will help you figure out how many routing devices you need and where to put them.

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