Wall mount

How to Install Valpas Smart Legs with wall mount

Configuring & Placement

To install the wall mounted smart legs, follow the same steps as you would for a regular installation, but instead of attaching them to the the bed, attach them to the wall.

Attaching the legs

To prepare the legs for installation, take the black plastic pieces that were provided with the product and attach one to each leg using the stud that was also provided. This will secure the plastic piece in place and ensure that the legs are ready to be installed properly.

Before completing the installation, ensure that the cassette can be easily removed from the leg. This will allow for easy maintenance of the smart legs.

Attach a wooden piece to the wall

To attach the wooden connector piece to the wall, use screws or double-sided tape.

To determine the correct height for placement, use the smart leg with wall mount extension piece to measure and mark the desired position on the wall.

This will ensure that the wooden connector piece is installed at the correct height for proper use of the smart legs.

Mount each leg to wall

Use wall mount extension piece to mount each leg to the wooden piece on the wall.

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