Instructions for installing the Valpas Gateway


Make sure you have the following equipment:

Selecting the place

Choose a discrete location with the following:

  • Power socket nearby

  • One wall or ceiling between the hotel room bed and the gateway

  • Socket for Ethernet connection or reliable WiFi connection

Power Up

Connect the power cable to the gateway and plug it into a wall outlet. The gateway will switch on automatically.

Status light (A) colours:

Green light: The gateway is connected to the internet

Blue light: The gateway is trying to establish a connection to the internet.

Blinking blue: The gateway is in the configuration mode

Red light: There’s an error with the gateway or it has no internet connection. Open the configuration mode to see what’s wrong.

Connect to the internet

You can connect the gateway to the internet with an Ethernet cable connection or a Wi-Fi connection. Note that the Ethernet connection automatically override the Wi-Fi connection.

Using Wi-Fi connection

Open the configuration mode and set up a Wi-Fi connection as instructed.

  1. Press the configuration button (F) until the status light (A) starts blinking. The gateway becomes a Wi-Fi access point

  2. Using your phone, computer, or tablet, connect to the access point: select treongw1-serialnumber, where serialnumber is the serial number of your gateway.

  3. Enter your password. You can find it on the label in the gateway. Windows 10 may ask for a pin code as a primary access point password. Please use the “password” option instead. Remember to change the password later.

  4. Open the browser on your phone or computer and go to address

  5. Make the needed configurations. You can, for example, change the gateway access point password, check the error log, and set up a Wi-Fi connection.

  6. To exit the configuration mode, select Quit, or press and hold the configuration button (F) until the status light stops blinking.

Check the status light (A) is green

When the light is green the gateway is connected to internet and installation is ready

If the status light (A) is red

Firewall prevents our device from connecting. Continue to Gateway whitelisting

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