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How to add Valpas label to your website

What the Valpas Label Offers:

  • Guest Reassurance: Assures guests that your hotel is committed to providing a bed bug-free environment.

  • Business Benefits: Improved direct booking rates and RFP conversions, contributing to your hotel's overall success.

Installing the Valpas label

Step 1: Visit the Valpas label website

Go to the Valpas label website at

Step 2: Choose the label color

Select the color for your Valpas label. The code snippet will automatically adjust to match your chosen color.

Step 3: Copy the generated label code

After selecting the color, copy the generated label code to your clipboard. This code is unique to your hotel and is what you'll use to display the Valpas label on your website.

Step 4: Share code with your developer

Paste the copied code and share it with the individual managing your website – typically, your developer. They will know how to integrate the code.

The Valpas label can be added to any suitable location on your website.

Example label placements

The label is versatile and can be placed wherever it fits best on your site, ensuring visibility and reassurance for your guests.

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