How to create captivating instagram story highlights with Valpas, showcasing your commitment to a pest-free and safe stay.

Step 1: Create Your Instagram Story

Follow this guide on How to Create an Instagram Story

Feel free to use our provided templates which include text and image options.

Examples of text include

Every stay with us is bed bug safe

Traveling is fun. Bed bugs are not.

We joined Valpas to keep our hotel bug-free and safe for you.

So you can travel with a peace of mind

Every room is protected against bed bugs thanks to Valpas tech

Step 2 - Add Story to Your Highlights

To make this story permanent on your Instagram page, follow this guide on How to Add a Story to Your Highlights.

By creating engaging Valpas story highlights, you communicate your commitment to a bug-free and safe environment, enhancing guest confidence in their stay.

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