Valpas Bed Legs

Instructions for installing the Valpas Bed Legs

A set of Valpas bed legs comprises of smart legs and basic legs. Smart legs are where the trapping and detection of bed bugs happen. Basic legs are installed as the remaining bed legs.


Double-check that you have all the required materials and tools for installation.

Configure the Smart Legs

Install one smart leg per sleeper, with a minimum of two smart bed legs per room.

For optimal bed bug detection, install at least two smart legs at the outer corners of the pillow end of the bed.

1. Remove the module from the leg

Push module outside of the smart leg

2. Configure Smart legs with Installation App

You need to add all Smart Legs to Valpas app to them work correctly. Download app iPhone | Android

  1. Login to the app. You should have credentials sent to you by Valpas team. If not please contact our support

  2. Select the room from the listing or add a new room if not already created

  3. Scan the module QR code with the Installation App

3. Remove battery strip

Remove the battery strip from the module.

4. Insert module back into the leg

Put the module back inside the leg. A flashing red light indicates that the Valpas smart leg is installed correctly.

Attaching the legs

Install one smart leg per sleeper, with a minimum of two smart bed legs per room. 

Smart legs are installed in the pillow end of the bed and basic legs as the remaining bed legs. See the pictures below for correct placement.

Install the basic legs at the remaining corners of the bed.

Make sure that the smart leg traps are easily accessible for inspection.

If the bed is positioned in a room corner with two sides against the wall, install the smart leg in the corner facing the room, not the corner against the wall, for easier access.

To attach the legs to the bed frame, use the provided adapter base plate or screw them into the existing threaded sockets on the frame. The pictures below illustrate both methods.

Attaching to existing threaded sockets

Attaching with adapter base plate

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