Digital certificate of safety

Give peace of mind to travellers

The Valpas Digital Certificate of Safety provides peace of mind to travelers by confirming that a room is protected and free from bed bugs.

Using the Certificate to Reassure Guests:

  • If a guest has bed bug suspicions, you can show them the digital certificate of safety for their room.

  • This certificate serves as official confirmation that the room is monitored and protected by the Valpas system, ensuring the guest’s peace of mind.

How to Access the Digital Certificate of Safety:

  1. In the hotel overview, you will see a list of rooms. Click on the specific room.

  2. Upon selecting the room, the digital certificate of safety for that room will be displayed.

  3. This certificate will indicate the current status of the room (e.g., Protected, Prevented, Maintenance Task) and confirm that the room is protected from bed bugs.

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