Parts of Valpas

Valpas is a smart bed bug prevention system designed for hotels and other accommodation providers.

Essential Components:

Valpas Smart Legs: Smart legs are equipped with special traps that capture any bed bugs trying to sneak in. When you install Valpas legs on your beds, they automatically connect to each other using wireless technology. This creates a strong, invisible network that covers your whole hotel. Each leg communicates with the others, sharing information about any bed bug activity.

Basic Legs: Basic legs may not have fancy traps, but they're coated with a special material that bed bugs just can't climb. They provide essential support while keeping the bugs at bay.

Gateway: Think of it as the central hub that connects us to the internet. It ensures smooth communication between our Valpas network and online resources, keeping everything running seamlessly.

Valpas Mobile App: Our Valpas mobile app is your personal bug-busting assistant. It gives you real-time updates on any bed bug activity, guiding you through steps to tackle them effectively. Whether it's mitigation measures or maintenance protocols, the app ensures your Hotel environment remains secure and bug-free.

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