Precautions / Hazards

  • The Valpas System should only be used by trained personnel.

  • The Valpas System should not be used by children.

  • Do not try to disassemble the cassette/trap/radio module.

  • Disassembled cassette/trap/radio parts can cause a choking hazard for children.

  • The Valpas System is intended for indoor use only and shall not be exposed to rain. The operating temperature range for the device is -10°C– +55 °C.

  • Remove the batteries from the trap module device if you are taking it inside an aeroplane, unless you have the pre-installed pull-out tape still in place. The device has a Bluetooth LE receiver and transmitter which must not be operational during a flight.

  • Please take care that the used batteries are recycled by taking them to appropriate collection point.

  • When changing batteries, replace both of them at the same time using identical brand and type.

  • Do not swallow batteries.

  • Do not throw batteries into water or fire.

  • Do not short-circuit batteries.

  • Do not try to charge primary batteries.

  • Do not open or disassemble batteries.

  • Batteries should be stored in a dry place and at room temperature. Avoid large temperature changes and direct sunlight. At higher temperature the electrical performance of the batteries may be reduced.

  • Keep batteries away from children.

  • Do not try to disassemble the cassette/trap/radio module.

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