List of all your rooms where Valpas Smart legs are installed

Click room card to open popup for more details

Green: Everything is perfect!

Red: Our leg caught something, you can follow the instructions under resolve in the feed tab

Orange: There is an one of the following issue with the setting of the leg.

  • Offline - Leg is offline.

  • Debug - the cassette needs to be cleaned thoroughly

  • Sensor calibration - the cassette needs a battery reset (taking out the batteries and back in)

  • Out of leg - the cassette needs to be pushed back correctly in the leg

Low battery

If you click on the 'Low Battery' button located at the top right corner of the page, a popup window will open.

Within this window, you will be able to identify which Smart Legs are low on battery and require replacement.

Detailed instructions for changing the batteries.

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