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Room inspection checklist

Full checklist to have a successful room inspection
  • 1. Check all Valpas bed legs for bed bugs.
  • 2. Inspect sheets and bedding for blood or fecal stains. Make sure bedding is intact and not changed by housekeeping when inspecting for a customer suspicion.
  • 3. Remove sheet and mattress pad, inspect all corners of the mattress and box spring.
  • 4. Inspect along edging, seams and labels of the mattress and box spring.
  • 5. Use flashlight to look in the crack between the wall and the headboard. Inspect the area behind the headboard carefully. Inspect the headboard from top to bottom.
  • 6. Flip over box spring, remove any dust covers and inspect the bed interior. This is a prime location for bed bugs. Bed bugs are usually found in foundation joints and corners.
  • 7. Inspect furniture around the bed paying attention to cracks, crevasses, seams, joints and screw holes. Flip them over and inspect beneath.
  • 8. Empty nightstands and dressers, examine inside and out and the tip over to inspect the woodwork beneath.
  • 9. Check around edges or perimeter of the room. Look at the edges of baseboards and carpet. Pull up carpet along the edges.
  • 10. Look carefully around areas people spend time resting or sitting idle such as recliners and couches.
  • 11. Inspect luggage racks thoroughly.
  • 12. Inspect behind frames hanging on wall.
  • 13. Inspect lamps and electric devices.
  • 14. Inspect ceiling corners and wallpaper seams. 15. Inspect around door and window frames.
  • 16. Inspect curtains and drapes.
  • 17. Inspect power sockets.